The Rickea Purple Butterfly Foundation symbolizes change and transformation.

Comfort, Hope, and Positivity... By Helping to heal hearts one day at a time.

Full Name: Rickea Johnson


Her story:

Rickea was a generous and loving person. Who gave so much of herself to any and everybody, but she felt as if no one loved her back.

When crying out for help goes unnoticed,  and it seems as if no one cares. That's when the terrible thoughts came to her mind.

Thoughts like not wanting to be on earth, suicidal ideations Isolation,

Nobody will miss me, No feeling of purpose, Nobody loves me,

Feeling of not being included, 24 hr self harm mode, Stress, Depression,

Anxiety, Fear, Loneliness and Hopelessness 

and the list goes on. I am the mother of Rickea, who wants to share my story to help others.

I want to be the olive branch to you. I want you to know that you are valuable.

The Rickea Purple Butterfly Foundation